cardiovascular diseases:
The reason of most cardiovascular diseases is fact, that body's vital arteries are blocked and therefore blood circulation is not stepless. Blood can not flow freely throughout the body, therefore various tissues and organs do not receive the necessary amounts of oxygen and nutrients and waste products from the body are not removed quickly from blood. If it relates directly to the heart arteries, there evolves the ischemic heart disease or heart attack, if it relates to brain vessels, there develop various changes in neural activity (decreased concentration, memory loss, etc.), in the worst case a sudden stroke (slaughter).
Blood vessels become impassable particularly after long-term inflammation of blood vessel walls, elevated levels of cholesterol and fats in the blood or in poor blood circulation in low cardiac output. Created blood clots can be transferred through the blood vessels to the heart, lungs or head, where are particularly dangerous, or they may be created on these areas directly.
In addition, a variety of heart diseases, severe or less severe, are accompanied by changes in heart rhythm and lead to circulatory disorders.

alternative treatment options:
In serious diseases we should cooperate with medical specialists, but there is always the possibility of additional therapy by natural means. There are many excellent herbs that are able to adjust irregularities in heart beat (antiarrhythmics and cardiotonics) to protect and regenerate blood vessels (angioprotectives), to eliminate inflammations, to regulate high cholesterol and fats in the blood vessels and have a relaxing effect (vasodilators). Advantage is, that the recommended doses of herbs are completely safe and we can prepare herbal treatment addressing all problems at once.

dual approach of therapy:
If arteries are clogged, they resist blood flow. To compensate for this deficiency, we must force the heart to work with a greater power so that the blood of diseased arteries is brought wherever needed. The heart, however, runs out after some time and pumps blood not with the same force. Such treatment does not address the underlying problem - the diseased vessels, which prevents to blood flowed smoothly without resistance.
We must therefore focus on improving blood flow by reducing vascular resistance.

To achieve this, we must regenerate walls of the blood vessels, dissolve vascular deposits and eliminate inflammations. We need reduce high levels of cholesterol and fats in the blood vessels and by extension improve their elasticity. All this we can do by means medicinal plants which solve many problems at once after their long-term use in small safe doses. An example is the hawthorn or ginkgo.

how start the treatment:
It is always necessary to consult a specialist because the use of larger doses of medicinal plants as recommended, could be harmfull. More serious heart diseases require to take medicines prescribed by a doctor but in many cases there is the opportunity to improve your health by using alternative treatments as adjunctive therapy.

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